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Canberra Water Features & Garden Accessories

Canberra Water Features & Garden Accessories

If you are anything like myself who likes to spend my time up in the garden on a warm summer’s day as a place to sit back and relax and soak in the vitamin D. I am always on the lookout define a solution on how I can improve my outdoor garden and atmosphere, because it’s important for me to feel at ease in my own environment, because this is the place for me to unwind after the hard weeks of work or even at the end of the day for me to enjoy the last few I was left off the sunshine ray in the Summer period.


Here arere a few selections during my research to find the best way to implement new style please start to add value 2 my garden and also increase my having well-being just being outside in the garden. just the overall health and well-being like doing some gardening work around the house can um reap some major health benefits after a stressful week.

solar garden water features Canberra

Arroyo Fountain (Solar)

Grab yourself an amazing fountain or water feature, perfect for a patio or balcony! Greatest range and best prices guaranteed!


  • Height – 73cm
  • Width – 39cm
  • Depth – 31cm

Please contact us for more information.

Canberra modern water feature

Modern Buddha Face Fountain

Our most popular collection of Modern Water Features. Best suited for outdoor display, they are guaranteed to be the centre of any great garden or landscaping project! Check out the great range we have available!


  • Height – 150cm
  • Width – 100cm
  • Depth – 50cm
  • Base Height – 25cm
  • Pump – 1500L

stacked stone water features


The “Polystone” bowl is composed largely of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives that give it added weight & the porcelain or “stone-like” feel.  These particular bowls are more durable & highly effective at maintaining a sharp paint finish.  The POLYSTONE bowl range is also lighter in weight compared to our “high-end” concrete bowl option making this water feature ideal for the more discerning buyer!

The “KAI” water feature uses recycled water which is pumped from the bowl up into the spout & recycled back into the bowl.  This feature comes in three (3) different sizes & you have two (2) different bowl colour options “Black” or “White Terrazzo” to suit personal preference.  The “KAI” arrives at your door ready to install (access to a power-point is the only requirement), making it a hassle free feature! 

Dimensions inc. spout (cm):

Small: W81.5 x D70 x H55  (30kg)

Medium: W95 x D84.5 x H60  (55kg)

Large: W120 x D109 x H70  (65kg)

*This product ships 8-10 weeks from ordering.*


Transform your Canberra property and commercial projects with one of these stunning modern water features Canberra and got an accessories so you’re looking to implement any of this water features please visit over our website and get them delivered to your door in Canberra. We offer local pickup and showroom is available for your water features in South Morang and surrounding suburbs like Mill Park, Bundoora and Greensborough.



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